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Table of Contents

  1. What is Plastic surgery?
  2. What are the fields in Plastic Surgery?
  3. What is Reconstructive Surgery?
  4. What is Cosmetic Surgery?
  5. Is Hand Surgery a field of Plastic Surgery?
  6. What is Faciomaxillary Surgery?

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a surgical art where body tissues are moulded like a plastic to correct the deformities and to beautify normal structures.

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What are the fields in Plastic Surgery?

Various aspects and fields in  which a plastic surgeon is trained in are:

1.Reconstructive Surgery    2. Cosmetic Surgery    3.Hand Surgery    4.Cranio-Faciomaxillary Surgery    5.Burns    6.Microvascular and neural surgery .  


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What is Reconstructive Surgery?

It includes reconstruction of  various body parts like ear, nose, Scalp and calvarium,lips,eyelids, cheeks etc. which have been damaged or injured due to trauma, defective since birth or due to cancer.

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What is Cosmetic Surgery?

As you are aware Cosmetic Surgery or Aesthetic Surgery deals with beautification of the body by surgical alteration . Various techniques  included are:1.Rhinoplasty 2.Face lift/Brow lift 3.Blepharoplasty 4.Laser resurfacing 5. Liposuction / Liposculpture 6.Breast augmentation 7. Breast Reduction etc.

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Is Hand Surgery a field of Plastic Surgery?

Surprisingly ,Yes. The structures in the hand are so delicate and the  delicate handling required for optimal results is very important. So most of the high quality hand surgery work is performed by the plastic surgeons and the hand surgery training is included in the plastic surgery training curriculum(M.Ch).

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What is Faciomaxillary Surgery?

Faciomaxillary surgery is the surgery involving the bones of the face, upper jaw and the lower jaw. This surgery is performed after trauma to these bones or to change the facial profile.

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